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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer questions that you may have about Hotel La Heredia.
As members of La Heredia, we are dedicated to the community, quality, value and the spirit of the village.

 Some commonly asked questions are addressed below.

Please review our detailed Q&A document for more background and details.

To stay informed, please provide your contact details so we may keep in touch.

Why develop a hotel in la Heredia?

We believe that a luxury boutique hotel will complement the La Heredia community and benefit its members – and as such would be a viable solution for the long-vacant office building at the village entrance. Compared to other commercial uses that have been proposed (offices, retail spaces, exercise studios), our hotel shares community concerns and priorities, and has the capacity to collaborate on common interests such as public spaces, infrastructure, and maintenance. As long-time resident owners in La Heredia, and as hotel specialists, we are committed to creating a positive impact for the community at large.

What about parking, pools, and noise?

These are common concerns that affect La Heredia residents and the hotel guests alike – and we are therefore committed to finding solutions and a constructive dialogue to address such concerns. For example, the current plan is to scale the hotel property to include more space and a large garage to accommodate guest parking, facilities management, and storage. A small hotel pool and closed terraces for hotel guests are also included in the plans, thereby minimizing hotel guest presence in the community areas beyond the security gates. Noise and congestion will be addressed and managed with strict codes of conduct – as it affects hotel guests and community residents alike.

Does The Hotel Offer Facilities or services for la heredia residents?

It is our intention to make the hotel’s common areas on the ground floor open to La Heredia residents. And if there is an interest from the community, we are open to hosting residential gatherings and making our property and resources available for community needs. We are also planning to offer a La Heredia Neighbour rate. We believe in active engagement with the community, and are open to suggestions how we may improve to benefit the community as a whole.

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Hotel La Heredia

Urbanización La Heredia    |    29679 Benahavís, Andalucia, Spain